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Choosing an Ambassador is a very hard decision, so many factors to consider to why they would be a great ambassador for your products....but its not all about buissness to us, but oppertunity to give!

From the very begining of wanting to open up sponsoring , We have always sat down and agreed that sponsering young riders was always important to us.....These are our future riders and show people of the future, and we need to encourage them along the way.


We have also given great thought into considering the people who have had accidents and unable to ride any more and also the generation ( not saying old ) that has done their riding career and are now happy to hand show.

These are all the little things we spoke about and decided that was important us. We looked at who other companies sponsored and yes whilst it might be nice having a high profile riders but what we found was no junior riders, No miniatures handlers, No Gypsy or Heavy horse handlers which is why we decided to be different and have a variety of sponsored Riders and show people on our Pelipa Park Team.

We are very proud in our sponsored team and look forward to working with each and everyone of them seeing their amazing journey.

To view our sponsored team please click onto there names their is a little story about each of them and pictures of there beautiful horses.

"A Winner is a Dreamer that never gave up"

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