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BizyB Lodge

My prefix is unique in way not many people understand why BizzyB?
Bizzy my nickname since I could open a cupboard and become a BizzyB destroying my auntie shampoos and conditioner (made great mix of things).
Having a prefix I wanted something what was easy and me so BizzyB was it.

I myself with a disability have had deal with a lot of negative people but the one thing that  keeps me going is believing in what you want to achieve and don’t let anyone get in your way.

I focus on welsh mountain ponies with 2 foals on the way, one young ,  and the other about see the show ring very soon.

I have shown many different breeds over the years my first show was with Red (chrome n roan) Appaloosa. He gave me  the passion of showing.
I than went on showing welsh Cobs, welsh mountain ponies, miniatures and few other breeds.

I have shown very well in miniature rings with 'Southern Star Antz Prantz' in 2018 show season with many ribbons and flowers coming home with us.
I was also 3rd in National show in handler with over 20 competitors in the ring, which was a great accomplishment.

I am small breeder, breeding when I feel the times right. I have 3 beautiful welshies on ground. BizzyB Amelia welsh mountain pony, BizzyB lady pandora and BizzyB hidden miracle. i look forward to showing next year.

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