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Banded Tail

A neatly braided tail accentuates your horses hindquarters. It adds to the overall picture of refinement and elegance, But some times our horses have different ideas and rub out their tails, or maybe your trying to grow out a clippered tail that looks like a bottle brush......yes we have all been there!

Here are some step-by-step tips on how to band your horse’s tail like a pro- even if the hair is short.

1. Begin with a freshly shampooed tail. Although you can use a conditioner, avoid any coat polish or detangler spray near the top of your tails, as it will make the hair slippery and hard to hold.

We recommend you comb the top part of the tail until you can easily pull a comb through the hair without encountering any snags.

2. Apply PP Sleek Wax Stick to the side and top of the tail to help hold down any fine hairs, combing in  downward direction. 

3. Taking your comb slide through medium size section of hair- like you are making a small piggy tail making sure your line is straight and both sides match, combing hair smooth whilst you go, place a rubber band around the section of hair -this is your first piggy tail.

4. Take another section underneath your first pony tail and take the hair from your top pony tail and comb into the hair from new section, comb smooth and band.

5. Continue going down your horses tail as far as you like. Finish your tail off with a light spray of  shimmer to highlight and enhance your tail.


This is a simple yet beautiful way of hiding a rubbed out tail or growing a clippered tail out, but yet look elegant enough for showing.

We have done this many times from growing out tails to last minute fix up's from a horse rubbing his tail out, on the float trip a quick change of plans straight into this banded tail saves the day.

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