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A Little About Sam-

I’m a liberty horse trainer in SE QLD and have a little team of liberty horses who do demonstrations at clinics and pony clubs, and we will be competing at Cowgirls Gathering later this year. I run monthly clinics, teach private lessons every week. 


What do you teach?
At Sam Williamson Horsemanship you will learn the essential foundations to create soft,willing partnerships on the ground and under saddle. Focussing on connection and communication Sam will provide you with practical exercises and advice to help your horse find balance, both physically and mentally.


With Monthly Clinic you will Observe how horses and humans can connect to create extraordinary experiences. We invite you to learn how horses communicate and appreciate their willingness to try nearly anything when they are given the opportunity to succeed through a trust-based relationship. Through Clinics you will learn about awareness and understanding between horse and human, and how to create confidence in your horse through clear, consistent communication. You will learn about correct posture and creating responsiveness with out tension.

Too find out more or to book your spot for a clinic please Contact Sam on-

 Sam Williamson Horsemanship | Facebook

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