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Purple Vs Blue Shampoo

There is a never-ending debate over toning shampoo being a great stain remover! 

Well YES and NO!.... the Toner Shampoo will not remove your stains, only a stain remover will, but why do people say it does?


How do Blue and Purple shampoos work? the interesting part is.... It doesn’t actually whiten light colored coats, it plays a trick on your eyes! Because Purple/blue light can refract and diffuse yellow light, by applying purple/blue shampoo to a white coat, you are tricking your eyes into believing the horse is less yellow than it actually is.

So what makes our shampoo better then all the other products out there?  Our range is super concentrated so more darker violet pigments are added which which means more pigment is absorbed at a quicker rate, this is why our beyond white is a darker colour to other products and our Ultimate white it a deeper pigmented blue. This is why Beyond White and Ultimate Shampoo  are above the rest, we have tried and tested many.


So Blue Shampoo vs Purple Shampoo?

Our Ultimate is a blue base shampoo whilst our Beyond is a violet purple base - Whats the difference between the 2? each shampoo has a different base toner which is used for different ranges of brassy orange and yellow hues.

Some people swear by the blue shampoo for their tails whilst other's recommend Purple No matter which side you’re on, there’s no denying that these two shampoos provide very different results.

Blue Shampoo- (Ultimate Shampoo)

First, there is no doubt that blue toning power can be used instead of the purple, whilst the blue shampoo will remove stubborn orange undertones from tails there is a BUT.....some times it will actually work against you and make your yellow/orange tail have a green tinge to it, which is why we recommend using our Ultimate for a fresh up to remove lemon tones, for those that have used a blue shampoo you will notice that if you ;eave on for a little to long you will have the grey/ green tinge to your tails.


Purple Shampoo

Our Beyond white shampoo has a violet pigmented base that is a super concentrated formula and is designed for brassy yellow/ orange tones, due to the violet base it will give off a white silvery effect to your tail as it reflects the light. we recommend this product more, due to its diversity in being able to get rid of yellow to orange tones with out turning your tails tinge green like the blue toner can- so this is the safer option.

Did You Also know Blue shampoo makes darker colours more intense

The blue contains blue dyes and can be used on any light coloured tails but did you know that  It also makes your brown and black tails darker with plenty of shine? Thats right get that blue shampoo out and give it a try!

If you need help, you can email us any time.

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