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Shannon Fisher

My name is Shannon Fisher I’m 22 years old and live in Michelago NSW, Mum first put me on a horse when I was around 2 years old and have been in love with horses ever since. I have done many disciplines from showing, endurance, team sorting and recently started training for camp drafting.


I decided a few months ago to start showing my stockhorse Wellsdale Coals Onyx aka Jack, he has brought back my spark with horses after I had a couple of years off he really is the best boy. We recently competed at Bathurst royal in the stock horse classes which was jacks first show under saddle and we had a great time, he made me fall in love with not only riding but the whole industry all over again. Jack is a jet black stock horse with a touch of bling and great bloodlines.


I  love the industry and pour my heart and soul into it I also try my best to support every rider in their journey to reach every goal that they are striving for. I want everyone in the industry to love the sport and there horses as much as I do!

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