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La' Mar Miniatures

A little about us............

We have a miniature horse stud. My 11 year old daughter has won multiple national titles in her first year of competing. 

LA' MAR MINIATURES has a show team of 7 horses-

'Maple leaf redefined sweet delight' is a yearling filly and she has won

National champion junior little horse 

National Grand Champion jnr overall

Supreme youngstock 

Supreme little horses 

Supremes of supremes 

Supreme foal. 

In her first 2 shows for last season.


'Wildflower mirrindel looking for trouble'.(my daughters horse)

State Grand Champion Youth 

State Grand Champion performance 

National youth  x 5 at imhr nationals 

And many many more all up 

10 national champion titles.

They have an impressive bond which is incredible.

The other horses are going out for there first season.

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