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Prepping- Plaited Manes

Neatly plaited manes look not only striking on horse but you can also change the appearance of your horses neck by placing plaits higher or lower on the neck.


When competing in a horse show, it’s important for your horse to be clean and to have its mane and tail neatly braided. A tidy mane and tail not only displays the horse at its best, but also shows that you put a lot of time and effort into your horsemanship.

How to create the perfect plaits every time-

Step 1

we find it better if you wash your mane but don't apply conditioner, but you will find what works best for you.


Dampen your pony’s mane with a wet brush, and divide it into an odd number of even-sized sections, using plaiting bands to hold the hair in bunches.

Step 2

Starting behind the ears, and using the PP Sleek wax stick apply on top and around the sides of your hair and comb through, divide each section into three. Plait tightly from the base and keep an even tension on each section.

Step 3

At the end of each plait, you can either band off or use thread by pushing your needle and thread through the bottom of the plait from underneath. Make a loop with the thread around the plait, pass the needle through the loop and pull tight. Repeat this to make the plait more secure.

Step 4

Push the needle up through the base of the plait, close to the crest of your pony’s neck. This will double the plait over.

Step 5

If your pony’s mane is long, fold the plait again.

Step 6

Pull the needle and thread through the plait, loop around the side and repeat a few times each side to secure it.

Step 7

Cut the thread close to the plait so it looks neat

Picture supplied by Picture Perfect Plaits- Proudly uses Pelipa Park Products

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