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How to Make your Socks White

Keeping White Socks Their Whitest


Most people think you have to clipper out your socks to achive a nice white sock- This is far from the truth our Sockit White was designed to actually work with out clipping...thats right no need to clip any longer.

1. First: Wash your horses body, you dont want to clean your horses legs then wash your horses dirty body for the dirty water to trickle back onto your white socks- a lot of people wash legs first!

2. Clean: Wet your  socks  down with a hose and shampoo, gently scrubbing  all over with your fingers. You can't use too much shampoo! You dont need to use your purple or blue shampoo.

3. Clean Again: Check each sock after you've rinsed them off. Heavily stained areas may need to be washed again. You only need to rewash areas that still look stained.

4. Wet: Make sure your socks are wet before applying your Sockit White.  Take your brush and  paint on to the areas you want to highlight white, this product can also be used to make a fake sock to have your horses appearance even.

5. Protect: When your Sockit White is almost dry, spray a good coating of  hair spray over the top to help set and then wrap to protect from dirt. 

6. Show Day: Un-wrap your socks - No need to brush off.  If you have a few areas that need touching up, re-apply via a sponge to areas that need a quick cover up.


We believe this is the whitest Sock Whitener on the market!

We Guarantee our Sockit White will last for days, so fantastic for 3 day shows can.

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