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Lani Small

A little about me..........

My name is Lani Small and I’m not a world beater rider or trainer, but stick with me. I have a Facebook page called Late To Bloom Cowgirl, with a current following of 16k and growing at roughly 800 new members a month. The tribe is made up of cowgirls exactly like me, normal, of a certain age and trying our best with our horses we love.


The page started to document my return to riding after cancer and kids. A journey that naively, I didn’t think would be as hard or anxiety inducing as it is. I currently have two horses. Whizzel Me A Song (Chilli) is a chestnut quarterhorse mare. She’s a little pocket rocket and is my reining horse (green rider level). With reiners keeping a long flowing mane is a major part of the “look” and last year when she got sick, she lost lots of her locks. I’m slowly growing it back with the aid of good diet and your products. Little Wimps Dunit (Nuggie) is my not so little green horse. He’s a light palomino quarterhorse and has a well documented talent of being a bit of a Yellow Idiot. In fact, he has his own little following on my page as followers like to read about his adventures. Next year he will be started in Ranch, but will also attend Western Dressage days and a barrel racing clinic.


Why do I think I would make a good ambassador? Firstly, because I already use and love your products. In fact, I can’t help myself with telling people in “real life” and on my page about how good your products are. I am based on black sand in WA and both horses are currently on paddock agistment. With a light coloured horse it is a constant struggle to keep Nuggie’s tail white as I try to grow it out longer and thicker. 

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