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Morgan Smith

I am a 16yr old south Aussie with a passion for presentation. I have my own plaiting business and love the fine details when it comes to grooming. To look out into the show ring a see a horse you have prepared shiny, tidy plaits and a gleaming tail it just makes me smile! 


I compete in many different disciplines but my main one is breed showing. I have recently joined the Wynara stud show team as a groom and show assistant meaning it’s my job to make the horses look their best as they step into the ring. Currently we mostly have young 1/2 yr olds but later this year we will have 2 or 3 ridden ponies out in different classes. I love the plaiting, makeup quarter markers and everything else which goes into making these horses look their best.  I also hunt and attend riding club (as well as being in the committee for both) and Campdraft, stockmans challenge and love a trail ride. If I can do it I will! and yes, my main show horse will move cows and jump logs even with a gleaming coat and tidy tail lol. 


My main show horse coco who is currently injured (will make a comeback next year) is extremely sensitive and your products are fabulous for her. They keep her skin soft and happy! My mare had a skin infection from other products so to have something that I know is safe for her makes me extremely happy. Thank you for considering the sensitive ones out there xx 


My main show Galloway, is coco! Between the family we have 4 in work currently and I have roughly 3 that I also prep for the Wynara show team through the show season. 

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