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PP Oil 500ml

PP Oil 500ml

Our PP Oil is a natural way of enhancing your horses coat by conditioning the skin, maintaining hydration, and promoting growth and suppleness of the hair. Use daily during grooming, or as a deep nourishing hot oil treatment after clipping.

Infused With Macadamia, Cedarwood and Coconut Oils all praised for their intense nourishment of the skin and hair, as well as anti-fungal properties to treat dry, rough, itchy skin.

The natural carrier oils of Macadamia and Coconut allow the Essential Oils to deeply penetrate the hair follicle promoting a healthy shine of the coat.

PP Oil is proudly from Australian made oils

  • Directions of use:

    small amount can be applied directly to the coat with a cloth/sponge or as a grooming spray.

    Alternatively can be diluted to your preference in a solution of cold-hot water (hot is always recommended). A general rule of thumb is a minimum of 50ml of oil to 8 litres of water in a bucket, OR to 400ml of water in a spray bottle. Remove excess with a scraper or brush. Only a small amount is needed at a time. Apply to a clean coat.

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