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About Pelipa Park Equine Products

How We Got Here

Meet Taryn


Presenting horses has always been a part of my life, starting from a very young age with my mum making sure all our Thoroughbreds were looking amazing even though presentation wasn't required for a horse to race, but my mum would make sure every hair on their body was perfect often she would put the saw print QTR markings for a added touch.

I was 6 when I got my first beautiful Dartmoor mare she had so much hair you couldn't even see her ears!   

Often we would spend hours on the Saturday morning bathing, plaiting and primping my little pony  along with a red hair ribbon braided tightly into her tail. We would turn up to pony club, and rally days with a perfectly presented pony, with people commenting on mums handy work and her perfect braids. 

I out grew my little pony and my dad brought me a beautifull steel grey gelding the pride and sense of achivement that my mum had when people commented on how my horse  was presented was something that i wanted to achieve myself.

As time went on my Grey pony got old and I started my family, so horses were put to the side for many years. Unfortunately I lost my beautifull grey pony at 31years of age and swore I would never buy another horse.....3 months later came a scrawny cremello with the bluest of eyes this was the start of my massive learning curve!

Prepping a cremello or a white horse certainly isn't for the faint hearted, but what was more frustrating was his tail and mane were never white they always had the dirty yellow shadowing look no matter what product I used or how much I scrubbed it, it never looked clean.


Year after year i would be greeted with his presentation just isn't there, but I knew the hours spent washing and prepping told me other wise!   I remember one judge saying to me "These colour dilutes are something else aren't they, I see how much effort you have put in but his tail lets you down honey" this simple comment drove me nuts!!!!!

I had encountered another huge problem  along with our mission of finding a product that worked- Our cremello boy had super sensitive skin, so at times we couldn't go to a show due to him hiving up over night to a product I had used,  along with  the 'promises of a white tail'- Yet my tail would be purple or blue up the top with a tinge of yellow at the bottom and I would have a bubbled up horse .

One day I jokingly said to my husband " I am going to make my own stuff- hold my beer"

and his reply was why not!


This started off a journey I honesty had no idea about and we had a lot of disarster with me being overzelous with pigment colour and learning to only do tiny test patches as you will have a purple spotted horse for weeks!!

I was waiting at the side of my float when a lady walked past saying "omg look at that tail, thats tail goals!"

I knew I had nailed it, I walked out the day of my show with a gleaming white tail from using  my very own products.  Through out the day I had people coming up asking me what products I use. My highlight from that day was being awarded first in every class we entered and finishing off with  Supreme. I had 2 judges come over to me asking what products I used to present my horse to this calibur  I felt really proud  to say I made them myself.

My husband kept telling me "why dont you sell it, there would have to be people out there that have the same problems as you did with their tails", I brushed him off many times until I was talking to a lovely lady at a show who had a beautifull palomino mini mare, but her tail was stained and she hated it! This is when I thought why not what do I have to loose really??

Pelipa Park Equine Products was born - There is nothing better than watching a horse be prepared with your products trot around the ring absolutely gleaming or standing beside you in the line up!


We get asked "how do we say your name "- its pronounced Peh-li-pae meaning 'lover of horses' in Greek. 

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